Light has a huge impact on humans

Interview with interior architect Bram Schelstraete for Markey & Schelstraete Interieurarchitecten

Light is a science. And, if you listen to a light expert like Bram Schelstraete, you begin to realize how smart consumption of light can improve your life.

Both Bram and Anne-Sophie are interior architects with Markey & Schelstraete, a firm that bears their name; their team of 8 provides interior and light evaluation studies throughout Flanders.

“The importance of light is hugely underestimated,” Bram explains. “People don’t realize the potential of lighting, and they often see it as merely an addition to their interior, as an afterthought to the project. Whereas a well-thought-out study of the lighting should be part of the interior’s design and express the vision of the exterior.”

Nowadays, there are so many possibilities for using light. Lighting technology has moved on. “LED lighting dominates the market, and not only because it is sustainable and energy-efficient; it is now also dimmable in both brightness and colour. LED lighting will even let you go down to candle intensity,” Bram tells us. “LED lighting allows for much smaller and more targeted work methods. It increases the options for integration and choice of fittings.”

The same can be applied to electricity-free light: natural light. How can you create the right atmosphere with natural light? At night, large windows become cold, black areas. A low sun can be cosy, but also distracting when you’re working. How can you make the daytime and night-time situations compatible? What affect will that have on your utility bills? The answer to that question also affects your mood…

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Screens for windows are a perfect solution for sun protection

Some form of sun protection is an excellent solution. Screens, roller shutters, venetian blinds or sun protection will control both the natural light and the atmosphere. “Light is something you really need to plan,” Bram concludes.

Harol believes that everyone has their own light requirements. With the right approach and expertise, we can identify your profile, in order to arrive at the perfect balance between light, heat, sun protection and atmosphere. This promises that you will always enjoy the best experience behind or under your screen.

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