A pergola to create an outdoor kitchen or dining area

Spring: it’s a special time, right? The cold days of winter are mostly behind us. Silently, we are already craving summer. Endless, balmy evenings, unforgettable moments with family and friends. Blessed, right? And at the same time, we think of heat waves: the eternal search for shade and the need to cool down in and around your house. That cosy lunch on your terrace quickly becomes an overheated scenario with sweat, squinted eyes and a general state of discomfort. Back inside, then? Really comfortable enjoyment on your terrace requires a tailor-made solution. And you will find it with our pergolas. 

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A pergola in your garden ensures patio weather every day

Living outdoors is really healthy. It can lower your blood pressure, it is good for your airways and mental health. So it is not surprising that you want to enjoy your terrace for as long as possible. But when you want to enjoy the outdoors in your own garden, you’d better have a place where you can do so comfortably, so that you can also take full advantage of all that beauty the outdoors has to offer. 

With a terrace awning, you create just such a place. A real outdoor space that you can personalise entirely according to your needs and style. With a pergola, you give your home an extra new room where you can enjoy unforgettable moments all summer long. We sometimes call it a holiday at home. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

  • You create an extra outdoor room to your home where you can really relax.
  • There are plenty of options to create even more comfort.
  • You will enjoy a mix of pure design with ultimate comfort.
  • A pergola fits perfectly on any terrace.
  • You enjoy extra shade in a sustainable way.
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Did we say ‘all summer’? We mean all year round, of course. Because even when summer is over, you can extend your pergola into a cosy, warm spot where you can organise tasty dinners or winter barbecues for a long time to come. Even when it is chilly outside or the sun does not shine (anymore), it is lovely to sit there. This is because our pergolas are strongly equipped:

  • The cloths can withstand wind gusts of up to 48 km per hour (Beaufort scale 6).
  • You can opt for a rainproof canvas.
  • Rolled up, the fabric sits in a sealed case, keeping it radiant in all weathers. 
  • When opened, a clever ZIP system ensures that the fabric is extra tight. This gives you an extremely tight fabric that is also highly wind-resistant.
  • Our pergolas are available in all RAL colours and a wide range of textured paints

Setting up your pergola as a dining room or outdoor kitchen

Glass or wooden sliding walls 

With a pair of sturdy, sliding glass walls, you can keep the cold out while still enjoying the view of your garden. Do you prefer wooden sliding walls? They also protect you from wind and weather and from prying eyes. So you can enjoy your dinner in privacy.

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Windproof screens

To keep you well protected from the weather in your outdoor kitchen, you might also opt for integrated windproof screens. These keep the heat of the sun out, but also make sure you stay dry. That way, your planned dinner party will not unexpectedly fall through. 

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Does it cool down quickly in the evening? With a heating element, you can quickly warm up your outdoor room so that you and your guests can dine at length. Even on chilly days, you can enjoy your patio roof without limits.

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LED lighting around frame or integrated LED spots

You give your pergola even more atmosphere by choosing dimmable LED lighting, for example in the cabinet, around the frame, or in the cloth support. This looks great and is extra atmospheric. This way, even when it is dark, you can still enjoy a delicious meal. You control the light intensity and thus the mood of the evening. Romantic dinner for two? Or cheerful party for the whole neighbourhood? Anything goes.  

Sensors and automation

Did you know that our solutions can also be fully automated? With an IO controller that can be connected to Somfy’s IO home control system, you set your own scenarios. And with optional sun, rain, temperature, and wind sensors, you can make your pergola even smarter.  

Which pergola suits you?

Pergola Air

Pergola Air has built-in vertical screens as well as a fixed triangle. This keeps wind and rain out of your outdoor room, in combination with the integrated water drainage. You can easily have this pergola installed against your façade by means of a fully enclosed box. This also keeps the fabric looking like new for years. Moreover, you enjoy many options that make this solution even more attractive.  

Pergola Versuz

The Versuz has a beautiful, minimalist design. Thanks to the slim foot posts and guides, this pergola simply looks beautiful. The compact, sleek cabinet enhances that effect. For lovers of design who also want to enjoy comfort above all else. This pergola can also be equipped with many fine options.  

Or do you prefer to eat under a slatted or folding roof?

So you could call our pergolas irresistible. That makes them a perfect choice for even more outdoor living, eating and enjoying. But what if you do have slightly different needs? Perhaps you want even more control over the incidence of light and air circulation on your patio, or you are longing for a modular solution whose roof can slide open completely? Then you should have a look at our slatted roofs and folding roofs.

Our slatted roof

With our slatted roofs, just like with a pergola, you can enjoy your garden and terrace for much longer. The roof consists of tilting slats that let you decide how much sunlight and air to enter. You can even slide the Brera slatted roof completely open! The exceptionally clever design of these solutions lets you, your family and your guests always enjoy yourself. And of course, this type of patio covering can also be extended with many interesting options. So you can always enjoy the outdoors, in sun or shade. 

Our folding roofs

With a folding roof, you extend your house without losing light. With this type of patio roof, installed against your facade or completely freestanding, you can fully open and close the roof. The rain- and wind-resistant cloths protect you in all weathers. And no, you do not lack luxury: heating, lighting, walls, side screens… All these options ensure that you can enjoy a blissful outdoor feeling, from the first spring sun to the last winter shower.

Do you see yourself soon enjoying a nice lunch on your terrace, in nice weather or not? Search and find a Harol dealer near you and discover the solution that suits you best.

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