Roller shutters do more than keep out the light.

1. Roller shutters help you save
Did you know that roller shutters double the insulation value of glass? This applies to both single and double glazing. And it reduces your energy bill. On cold days, it will be a lot warmer indoors. And if it’s too hot outside, you can keep it nice and cool inside. Like an air-con without electricity. A triple benefit.

2. Roller shutters provide safety
Roller shutters provide safety. It is a lot harder for an intruder to break your window when it is protected by a roller shutter. Even when you’re on holiday, you can rest assured that your home will be safe. Because Harol roller shutters can be remotely opened and shut automatically, making it appear that you are at home.

3. Roller shutters muffle annoying outside noises
You can greatly reduce the noise of traffic speeding past or loud lawnmowers by fitting roller shutters. They reduce the sound, making it quieter indoors. This means you won’t notice your noisy neighbours. And they won’t notice your stereo when you turn up the volume.

4. Roller shutters darken a room when desired
Sometimes, you just want it to be darker in the house. Perhaps because the sun is shining directly onto your computer screen. Or it’s time for your child’s afternoon nap. Even a hangover from yesterday’s party can feel better with the shutters down. Instead of the thickest curtains you can find, roller shutters are the best solution.

5. Roller shutters give you privacy
Roller shutters enhance privacy from nosey neighbours and passers-by. A benefit you will certainly appreciate if you live in a busy neighbourhood. And hobbies that are difficult to do in daylight, can now be done at any time that suits you … Such as developing your analogue photos.

6. Roller shutters harmonize with the character of your home
Nowadays, roller shutters are a lot more versatile. Instead of the well-known large white surfaces contained in a big box at the top of your window, Harol can now offer you as many types as there are types of houses. To harmonize with the type of outside wall, the colour and the materials used. For new-builds or renovated buildings, there is something for everyone.

Are you thinking of having roller shutters fitted? Then make sure you contact a Harol specialist. He will advise you on all the possibilities and benefits, from insulation to intrusion prevention.

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