Sun protection for a terrace or balcony: which sun awnings are good for my apartment?

A sun awning on your balcony can add great value to your home or apartment, especially when there is no natural shelter against the hot sun. It not only creates a pleasant shade spot but also keeps the temperature inside cool. Moreover, a high-quality sun awning protects you from light rain, giving you a versatile outdoor room that perfectly suits you. But which sun awning is suitable for your balcony? In this article, you will discover the most important factors to consider when making your choice.

What should you pay attention to?

Size and layout of your balcony:

The dimensions and layout of your balcony are essential in determining the right sun protection. Larger types are suitable for large and expansive balconies, while a sleek and compact design is preferred for smaller balconies. The mounting options, such as wall or ceiling mounting, and the look of the casing also play a role in choosing the ideal sunshade.

Wind and weather resistance:

Choose high-quality sun protection that is resistant to wind and light rain. This allows you to really use your balcony as an extension of your home and create an extra outdoor room.

Level of comfort

This is also the last important point to consider. How important do you find comfort? With extra options such as lighting and heating, you can always fully enjoy your balcony, regardless of the season. Think about the level of comfort you want to achieve and whether automation and personalization are important to you. Some sun awnings offer a very extensive range of options that are definitely worth it.

Sun awnings that meet all factors


Our Lux is a real showpiece. No wonder this sun awning has already won a design award twice in 2022. It offers a minimalist design with a sleek casing. The completely closed system is equipped with a wind-sun sensor. The inclination up to 40° creates a lot of shade. Combined with a vario-volant up to 2 meters, you can also avoid the low sun. Moreover, the fabric can take a beating: with Beaufort class 5 and rain-resistant fabric, you stay cozy outside during a shower.

There is also a lot of possibilities in terms of lighting: you can choose between direct or indirect light, also in the arms. It can be mounted against the wall and has an extension up to 4 meters, making it also suitable for large terraces.

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The Praia from Harol is extra round and extra cozy. This open system has an extension up to 4 meters and an inclination up to 45°, offering flexibility and comfort. The vario-volant up to 2 meters and the LED lighting in the arms and casing also contribute to this. It is also equipped with invisible wiring through the Invisibly Wired arms, and is resistant to wind gusts up to 5 Beaufort so you can keep sitting even with a breeze. What is special about the Praia is the open system, possibly with a canopy. This distinguishes the sunshade from all our other solutions.

Praia closed cassette 1

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The very best sun awning for your balcony? That must be the Tucan. This awning can be mounted against the wall or on the ceiling. It has a beautiful, rounded casing, LED lighting in the arms with direct light, heating, and a wind-sun sensor. Moreover, it offers an inclination up to 90°. The extension up to 3 meters makes it the ideal partner for smaller terraces. It does not have a Vario-volant, but a volant up to 25 cm.

Tucan arm open daylight 3

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The Cadiz sun awning from Harol is particularly suitable for large surfaces, with an extension up to 4 meters. It can be mounted against the wall or on the ceiling and has a rounded, closed casing with invisible wiring in the arms. It is equipped with a wind-sun sensor and offers various options for LED lighting and even heating. With a Vario-volant up to 2 meters, it meets various needs. So, it is perfectly possible to create shade on your balcony, especially when you need some size.


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Alternative: Screens or external blinds

If you are mainly looking for protection from the sun without extra shade on your terrace, but still want to keep the coolness inside and determine the light intensity, screens or external blinds might be more suitable for you.


Screens are are mounted directly in front of the window and filter the sunlight. This keeps harmful rays and heat outside while you still have a view of your garden. Screens not only provide pleasant natural cooling but also ensure privacy. Especially for balconies on the street side, this is a perfect sun protection solution. Did you know that screens also have an insulating function in winter? Just like shutters, they keep the heat better inside, so you always benefit from sustainability.

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Outside venetian blinds

Outside venetian blinds combine design and functionality with tillable slats that allow you to regulate the light intensity and heat radiation. They not only provide protection against prying eyes for your home but are also ideal for offices. Moreover, they save energy and are made of high-quality material for durability.

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Are you choosing a sunshade for your balcony? The benefits are endless. Let a specialist in your area guide you. They will gladly come by for tailor-made advice and answer all your questions.

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