As close to nature as possible. And the customers are included.

Nele is the manager of Blueberry Fields family business. Apart from growing blueberries and all that entails, she also likes to share her passion with other people. By, for example, serving her customers a delicious piece of cake or glass of cranberry juice on the terrace, underneath a comfortable Harol outdoor living solution. Even in changeable weather, it’s still fun. It’s always comfortable sitting outside, no matter what the weather forecast is.

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“Gifts of nature” is what they call their blueberries at Blueberry Fields.

These are gifts they like to share, as well as the products they have made from them, together with the beautiful surroundings in which they grow. Nele runs the business in the middle of a nature reserve and hiking area. A wonderful combination of different activities that complement each other well. And, at the heart of it all, is the humble blueberry, sweet and sour like a blue gem that offers a lot more than could be imagined.

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A proportion of these gifts are sold at produce auctions. Another part is for the Pick-your-own market; an increasingly popular concept where you trek into the fields with a basket to pick your own blueberries (anyone who has ever done this will agree that fruit you pick yourself tastes much better than from a shop). And the final part is manually processed. In jams and juices. In cakes or as cordials. In tea, gin and wine. Yes, you can even buy blueberry chocolate here. How much more delicious can it get?

It used to be a family business, but in 2012 Nele took over the helm and decided to focus entirely on fruit. That proved to be not only more lucrative, but it also brings people together.

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Nele likes nothing more than to share the fruits of her labour, and it is obvious that many people enjoy the flavour of her narrative.

The picking season runs from July to September and has become a permanent attraction to those far outside the region. People who prefer to enjoy the fruit without going to the trouble of picking it will find their way to the terrace where the purplish-blue delicacies are served.

Harol Buitenleven BBF RNM 3It is here Nele had a Harol outdoor living solution installed. A refined structure that contrasts with, yet at the same time complements, the old cow barns. Depending on the weather, the sides and top can be open or closed. Not an unreasonable feature if you take the changeable weather into consideration.Even when it’s drizzling, you can remain outside, and it still feels a little like indoors.

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There is another barn where, with the help of screens, a second sitting area has been created.

Even though they have a sleek design, they have been beautifully integrated into the old building. You won’t suddenly have the cream blown off your blueberries by a sudden gust of wind. Thanks to this innovation, you can enjoy your outdoor stay much longer.

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Apart from picking, buying and tasting the fruit, you can also go for wonderful walks in the grounds of Blueberry Fields. During the season, you can, if you wish, take a guide. Outside the season, it’s without guide. There are three educational and idyllic walks. The tree walk, the brook walk; and, unsurprisingly, the blueberry walk.

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