What kind of outdoor life would improve your life outdoors?

Do you enjoy sitting outside, but know that you don’t live in the ideal country for that? Keep a step ahead of global warming and take a look at our outdoor living solutions. You will be able to adjust the sunlight and keep out the wind and rain. Below, we have listed three types of outdoor life, which you can customize to suit your preferences. 

1. Tilting slats

Slats give you the freedom to choose. To choose between open, closed, slightly closed or a position in between. When the sun shines into the house from the south east, you can adjust the ideal amount of light precisely. And when it rains or snows, you will stay dry, thanks to an ingenious drainage system.

2. Folding roof system

An outdoor life with a folding roof is ideal for larger surfaces. The roof can be fully opened or closed. This allows you to experience maximum enjoyment of the warm sunshine. Only, of course, when the weather is nice. Should it rain, then the weatherproof fabric will save you the trouble of carrying your dining table back into the house. Outdoor life with a folding roof system can be fitted as a self-supporting system or against the outside wall. You can then add heating, lighting and side screens to the options for a tailor-made solution.

3. Terrace awnings

Self-supporting sun protection with two folding arm awnings or a terrace awning with easy to unroll fabric, are durable and user-friendly solutions for your terrace. It will keep your terrace cool and provide shade, even for large surfaces. With an easy to unroll fabric you can shield your terrace for complete privacy and protection. The electric controls can be operated from your lounger, so no need to get up. Without a doubt, the cosiest place in your garden.

Discover the different outdoor living solutions or be inspired by the Harol brochure.

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